Mini Skirt Dusters 3 Pack

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Fathom Offshore Mini Skirt dusters are perfect for all types of live and dead bait trolling. No matter what you’re fishing for, King Mackerel, Mahi, Tuna or even Sailfish, simply slide a Mini Skirt over the nose of your favorite bait to add some color and flash to help get noticed.

Perfect over Ballyhoo, live Pogies, Cigar Minnows,  strip baits, or even rigged on its own with a j-hook for a killer peanut dolphin, bonito and blackfin lure.

Made with a high quality anodized aluminum head, hand tied mylar and bling, with waxed thread and glue to secure; no more broken or dry-rotted rubber bands.

Looking for a rigged version? be sure to check out the Mini Skirt Chain or Pre-Rigged Agitator bar.