Agitator 5" Bird Bar Rigged

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The Fathom Offshore agitator bar is the go to lure when you want to create some action, and draw strikes from all types of offshore game fish.

Featuring our agitator bird bar rigged with 6 Mini Skirt dusters. A 1000lbs coated through cable holds a drop chain with 2 skirts on each end; this cable gives just the right amount of flex, creating an action that elicits an aggressive response. The 8’ of 150lbs mono leader continues through the center of the bird, ending with 2 Mini Skirts, the last of which contains a hidden snap swivel.

Simply attach your favorite rigged bait or lure to the snap swivel and watch it work. While the bird and skirts act as a teaser, the trailing bait offers a simple “easy odd man out” approach that fish can’t resist. We recommend a 3’ to 4’ leader when attaching the rigged bait to the snap swivel, this keeps the bait just far enough back to look like the bait that fell behind the group.

Want to rig it yourself? Check out the Agitator bar only option HERE.