Mini Skirt Chain

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The Fathom Offshore Mini Skirt chain is the go to rig for multiple hookups and filling the cooler. This 10’ long chain is built on 150lb mono, featuring 4 stainless drop swivels, 5 mini skirt dusters all rigged with 7/0 stainless steel short shank hooks.

Perfect for targeting blackfin, and dolphin. Originally designed in the gulf for rapid catching of multiple tunas for live baiting, the same method would often prove effective on bringing multiple dolphin and other species to the boat.

TIP: If you get a knockdown (more often than not the first bite comes on the last trailer rig) when the fish starts to run retrieve slowly, the additional drops swing out and pull alongside the fish often leading to additional bites and multiple hook ups.

Looking for replacement Mini Skirts? 3 packs are available here in all your favorite colors!