Glow Pink Splatter Vivid Squid

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These realistic squids have been engineered from the ground up to be the best offshore squid teasers available on the market. Designed specifically for squid dredges, squid chains and spreader bars.

Oversized mantle fins and main tentacle kicker pads create a lifelike flutter in the water. Loaded with Phosphorescent glow additive, these squids react with natural or artificial light to emit a Phosphorescent glow in low light situations, much like natural squids.

Vivid squids feature a reinforced nose that reduces chain slip, preventing beads and crimps from pulling through the squid, and overall extending the lures lifespan.

All new body design features include an updated realistic look, durable construction, and oversized molded eyes; Paired with true to life paint schemes taken from natural squid, the all new Fathom Offshore vivid squids are the next best thing to a natural squid when trolling offshore.

Total Length: 9"