B-Jack Bullet Small 7" Trolling Lure

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 This simple elongated bullet is the perfect lure for weary fish that simply can't be coerced into biting the more aggressive shapes.

Designed to run straight with little to no surface splash, this lure becomes the easy target in the spread, often forcing a strike.

Pull in the shotgun position or bridge pole far back down the middle of the spread. The B-jack is deadly on Tuna, Dolphin and even that rouge wahoo that works into the baits.

Pre-rigged on 8’ of 150lbs mono leader and stainless steel 7/0 single hookset.

  • Suggested Hook Size: 7/0
  • Leader Class: 100-150lbs
  • Lure Head Length: 1.9"
  • Skirted Length: 7"
  • Skirted Weight: 2.25oz
  • Replacement Skirt Size: OC22
  • MADE IN USA 🇺🇸