CUSTOM COLOR Green Double O Mig Extra Large 16" Trolling Lure

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Sharing the name with a 1940’s fighter jet (the MIG-15) you would expect the Double O variant to also share some similarities; and you’re right! The new Double O’ MIG was designed to be effective, deadly and go really fast! And we can’t forget about the distinct concave nose.

Rigged Version: 4' 480 stainless steel cable leader with a Double 11/0 MUSTAD 7691S Stainless Hookset.  

  • Suggested Hook Size: 11/0
  • Leader Class: 500# Mono | 480-920# Cable
  • Lure Head Length: 4.09"
  • Skirted Length: 16"
  • Skirted Weight: 13.3oz 
  • Replacement Skirt Size: OC50
  • MADE IN USA 🇺🇸