Center Console Dredge Boom Kit

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Looking to pull a dredge from your center console? Not sure what you need? Look no further!

The Tigress XD Poseidon dredge boom is our preferred method for effectively and safely pulling full size dredges from center consoles boats.

We’ve combined everything you need into one convenient COMPLETE package.

This package Includes:

  • 7’ heavy duty fiberglass Tigress XD Poseidon dredge boom.
  • Black Aftco Unibutt bent butt with reel seat.
  • 14’ nylon safety support tether with carabiner.

NOTE: Does not include Reel or line rigging.

Simply add your preferred reel (electric or traditional) to the reel seat, place in rod holder and attach support tether, you are ready to add your dredge! CLICK HERE to view suggested rigging sheet.

This heavy duty dredge boom securely gets your teaser dredges outside of the prop wash where it can be seen; and even more importantly the strength to get it back when you have a fish in the spread.