Trolling Lure Skirts

The OC Line Up has long been regarded as the finest offshore trolling lure replacement skirt available.

Based off 25+ years of manufacturing, we have compiled our stock 50+ skirt color line up to satisfy from Mild to Wild, and everywhere in between.

Is your favorite Fathom fishing lure getting a lot of attention and in need of a facelift?

Replacement skirts are essential to general lure maintenance, changing them frequently will ensure the lures action stays true and remains at peak performance.

Need help? Watch our quick lure skirting tutorial below. CLICK HERE to view our lure skirt sizing chart or CLICK HERE to watch a video on how to match up skirt size and lure size. 

How to skirt a trolling lure tutorial: 

video link for how to skirt a saltwater trolling lure with a lure replacement skirt