Team and Pro-Staff Members

Fathom Offshore was created with one goal in mind, bringing high quality products and apparel to those who love and represent the sport. Gathering honest feedback, knowledge, and countless hours of product testing from our tournament winning Captains, has allowed Fathom Offshore to introduce products that are proven to raise fish and produce results. Here at Fathom we are honored to align our name with the absolute very best of the world's offshore anglers.

Capt. Matt Mauldwin

Capt. Allen DeSilva

Capt. Harvey Shiflet

Capt. Shane Brafford

Capt. David "Pancho" Gonzalez

Capt. Matt Douglas

Capt. Bryce Garvey



Are you interested in becoming a Fathom Offshore Pro-staff or team member? Your best chance for sponsorship is to get on the podium and win, get your photo in magazines, place top 3 in tournaments; we are looking for the best of the best and we will find you. I promise, we are watching.