Flo-Orange Cigar Cork Titanium Wire

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Featuring new and improved crimps, super strong no-kink titanium wire, and durable hardware, the all new Fathom Inshore popping corks are ready for that next bite!

With the addition of thicker premium quality titanium wire, we were able to reduce the size of the wire loop, thus increasing tensile breaking strength to over 90lbs in testing. High density foam allows for better buoyancy when working with heavier baits.

Perfect for all inshore saltwater species from Red Drum to Flounder and Trout.

RIGGING: Tie bait on 18" - 24" of leader below the popper; or desired target depth.

TECHNIQUE: After casting, wait a few seconds for the bait to settle (this will allow it to fall to the target depth.) Begin to work the popper with intermittent jerks of the rod.

This action will create irresistible popping motion and clicking sound.

The popping action will cause the bait to rise; allow the bait several seconds to fall back to the target depth before working the motion again.

This presents the bait in the perfect zone for predatory fish to strike.