CUSTOM COLOR Game Changer Small 7" Trolling Lure

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LIMTED EDITION COLOR WAY: Lure head features a teal angel wing shell insert surrounded by UV responsive blue dust in clear resin. Ice Blue outer skirt with holo fleck and UV Chartreuse veins over a solid Chartreuse inner with UV additive.

When you’re looking to top the leader board and mix things up a bit, be sure to call on the help of the Game Changer.

Featuring a concave nose that forces an explosive breach and doorknob shape creating a tight side to side re-entry with big eye effect, this lure is sure to devastate the competition.

Consider the game officially changed.

  • Suggested Hook Size: 7/0
  • Leader Class: 100-150lbs
  • Lure Head Length: 1.18"
  • Skirted Length: 7"
  • Skirted Weight: 1.875 oz
  • Replacement Skirt Size: OC22