Welcome Captains, Guides, Teams, Industry Partners along with LEO / First Responders and Military. 


Thank you for your interest in the Fathom Offshore Industry Experts and First Responders program.

This program is by application only, acceptance is not guaranteed and membership can be revoked at any time.

The purpose of this program is to assist Fathom Offshore with product development through feedback, while helping guides and outfitters, government employees and other industry professionals get access to the very best in offshore fishing tackle and branded apparel. In addition, Fathom Offshore and our retailers benefit from your positive representation in the field and directing traffic to local stores.

NOTE: All verification is done through ExpertVoice directly. Fathom Offshore does not, and will not, make any decisions on the validity or results of the independent verification of credentials. We contract with ExpertVoice to handle this verification so we can do what we do best, continuing to make the absolute best in American made trolling lures and tackle products.

Click on the ExpertVoice Logo to get started with your application.


While you may not directly qualify for the Industry Expert program, the best way to get noticed is to win. We get hundreds of sponsorship requests annually and there is simply no way for us to respond to them all. We often have team or staff members at many of the events in the United States and abroad, your best chance to get noticed is to win consistently. We set our limits and budgets for Team sponsorship annually, so adding additional teams throughout the year is difficult. Social is on a different program, see below for info.


It’s safe to say we can’t be on the water every day, and we rely heavily on the content generated by those on social media. It’s simple, the more “useable” content we receive, the more we notice, and the more opportunities you will have to benefit. On water lifestyle and quality catch photos featuring Fathom branded products are extremely valuable to us. The more content we receive, the more we can justify adding representatives to this program.

We have weekly meetings regarding social accounts (FB, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube) and we are looking at our tags and hashtags daily. Show some love and we will see you.

#FathomOffshore @FathomOffshore